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10 Best Interior Design Companies in India 2024

best interior design companies in india

India is known for its vibrant cultural heritage, vibrant colors and vast design aesthetics. Thanks to a booming real estate industry and increased demand for stunningly designed spaces, interior design has become an essential aspect of creating functional yet visually appealing environments.

This blog post will examine 10 best interior design companies in India that have distinguished themselves through their groundbreaking designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

India’s Rising Demand For Interior Design:

best interior design companies in India2

India’s interior design industry is experiencing significant growth. Market dynamics indicate a robust expansion trajectory.

By 2023, its market size had reached US$ 31.5 Billion; projections estimate it will almost double by 2032 to reach an astounding US$ 67.4 Billion value.

This expansion represents an average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.81% from 2024-2032, reflecting rising interior design service demand across India. This can be attributed to factors like rising wealth, urbanization and appreciation of well-designed personal and professional spaces among Indian consumers.

Best Interior Design Companies in India

1. Livspace

Best Interior Design Companies in India

Livspace is one of the best interior design companies in India that offers end-to-end home design solutions. Their team of expert designers and selection of furniture and home decor options combine to help transform homes into dream houses for clients of all tastes, budgets and lifestyles.

Livspace provides users with an innovative online platform that enables them to visualize their designs in 3D before making decisions about any projects, thereby making decision-making simpler and ensuring quality work across major cities in India. They have completed numerous residential and commercial projects successfully.

2. Fabinteriors

Best Interior Design Companies in India

Fabinteriors is an esteemed interior design firm known for its luxurious and elegant designs. For over three decades, they have completed projects at hotels, corporate offices, and residential spaces – always paying careful attention to every client’s vision while adhering to it with expert professionals, ensuring attention to every detail and fulfilling it exactly as required by clients. one of the Best Interior Design Companies in India.

Fabinteriors blends functionality and aesthetics to craft rooms that exude luxuriousness and sophistication. Working closely with clients, they collaborate closely in understanding their needs before providing exceptional designs that go beyond expectations.

3. Morphogenesis

best interior company in india

Morphogenesis is an award-winning architectural and interior design firm known for its sustainable designs. Established by Manit Rastogi and Sonali Rastogi, Morphogenesis has gained global acclaim for creating environmentally responsible spaces.
Morphogenesis firmly embraces an integrated approach to architecture, interior design and planning to provide innovative solutions.

Their designs reflect an in-depth knowledge of local context, culture and climate to produce spaces that are not only visually captivating but also functional and sustainable.

4. Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio

best interior company in india

Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio Based out of Delhi, Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio specializes in architecture, interior design, furniture design and landscape architecture. Headed up by Sanjay Arora and Sanchit Arora, respectively, Renesa Studio is known for its eclectic and contemporary designs.

Renesa Studio stands out by taking an innovative approach to design: storytelling through design. Each project tells an original tale influenced by culture, history or personal experiences – with striking colours, playful patterns and innovative materials being hallmarks of its designs.

5. UrbanClap

interior design firms in india

UrbanClap is an online marketplace connecting customers to various service providers, including interior designers. It provides a range of interior design services ranging from complete home makeovers to small renovations or decor enhancements.

UrbanClap provides customers with access to an elite pool of interior designers capable of meeting all styles and budgets. UrbanClap ensures transparency by displaying designer profiles, customer reviews, and project portfolios so that users can make well-informed decisions.

6. ZZ Architects

interior design firms in india

ZZ Architects of Mumbai is an interior design firm known for their luxurious and contemporary designs. Led by Zubin Zainuddin and Krupa Zubin, this firm has completed high-profile projects both domestically and abroad.

Clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and functionality distinguish ZZ Architects’ designs. Their vision for creating timeless yet modern spaces reflects each client’s lifestyle and individual personality.

7. The Ashleys

interior companies in india

The Ashleys Ashwin Alva and Ritu Nanda established The Ashleys as an award-winning interior design firm with offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Offering residential, commercial, hospitality and retail projects.

The firm’s design philosophy centres around crafting spaces that are elegant, contemporary and timeless. Their team pays meticulous attention to every detail – from furniture selection and lighting design to creating harmonious interiors that match clients’ tastes and aspirations.

8. Space Matrix Design Consultants

interior companies in india

Space Matrix Design Consultants is an international interior design firm with offices in India, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and China that specializes in workplace design. They have worked closely with some of the largest multinational corporations to create innovative office spaces.

Space Matrix believes in creating work environments that foster collaboration, productivity and employee wellbeing. Their designs incorporate innovative technology, sustainable practices and flexible layouts to meet the changing demands of modern workplaces.

9. DesignQube Architects & Interior Designers

best interior companies in india

DesignQube Architects & Interior Designers in Chennai is well-renowned for its innovative yet practical designs, providing comprehensive architectural and interior design services for residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional projects.

DesignQube is home to an award-winning team of architects and designers who combine classic elements with contemporary styles to craft distinct spaces that stand out. At DesignQube, they pride themselves on achieving designs that are user-centric, energy-efficient, and visually appealing.

10. Morph Design Company

best interior companies in india

Morph Design Company of Hyderabad Morph Design Company offers interior design services for both residential and commercial projects in Hyderabad, with their team of experienced designers working closely with clients to understand their preferences and create customized designs that exceed expectations. This is one of the best interior companies in India.

How Can You Select an Interior Company in India?

Selecting an Best Interior Design Companies in India is often an individual decision; this depends on factors like your personal needs and preferences as well as budget considerations.

Here are some general steps you can follow to find your best interior design company for your home:

  1. Define Your Requirements: Identify your interior design requirements, such as the space type you wish to design (residential or commercial), specific design style preferences, budget constraints and any specific needs you may have.
  2. Research and Gather Information: Conduct a thorough investigation in order to locate reliable interior companies in India. Consider companies with a strong portfolio, outstanding client reviews and testimonials, and an established track record within their industry. Use directories, search engines, social media platforms or word-of-mouth recommendations when conducting your search for potential companies.
  3. Assess Their Expertise: Inspect their expertise and specialization areas carefully. Some interior companies specialize in residential design, while others may focus on commercial or hospitality projects; ensure their experience meets your project requirements.
  4. Verify Credentials and Certifications: Verify the credentials and certifications of an interior company before choosing them, such as affiliation with professional organizations or industry certifications that demonstrate quality service delivery and professionalism.
  5. Portfolio Review: You should carefully assess a company’s portfolio in order to gauge the quality and diversity of previous projects, which will enable you to determine if their design style matches up with your preferences, as well as whether they have experience handling similar ones in the past. This step will enable you to gauge their abilities for handling projects similar to your own.
  6. Client References: Make contact with past clients of an interior company to inquire about their experience with them and ask about aspects such as communication, timeline adherence, project management skills and overall satisfaction with results.
  7. Budget Considerations: Discuss your financial constraints with each shortlisted company and assess their ability to work within that budget. Remember that while cost should certainly be considered when making this decision, value for money and quality results must always come first!
  8. Personal Engagement: Meet or consult with each shortlisted company to discuss your project in more depth and assess their understanding of your requirements, their creativity, and their ability to provide innovative solutions.
  9. Contract and Terms: Before making your selection of an interior company, carefully review their contract terms, including payment schedules, deliverables timelines and any relevant clauses that might impact you and protect your interests. Seek legal advice as necessary if required to ensure clarity and protection of your interests.
  10. Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, trust your instincts and select an interior company with whom you feel most at ease working. Establishing strong rapport and effective communication are keys to successful collaborations.
    As part of your selection process, take time and compare various options before making a final choice.


These top 10 interior design firms in India have distinguished themselves as industry leaders through their outstanding designs and dedication to client satisfaction. From luxurious residences to innovative workspaces, these firms have significantly contributed to shaping India’s interior design scene.

No matter the scope or budget, these companies offer comprehensive interior design services tailored to every need and budget. Their experience, creativity, and focus on detail make them the preferred choices when searching for professional interior design services in India.

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