15 Cool Things To Talk About With Your Crush

Cool Things To Talk About With Your Crush

Think about how butterflies make you feel when you’re around someone you care about. You stammer you blush, and your mind goes blank. You may not have anything interesting to talk about, but that’s what makes it so great because now you have a reason to build rapport and show off how smart and clever you are. Check out these 20 Cool Things To Talk About With Your Crush that’ll help you connect with your crush like never before:

Cool Things To Talk About With Your Crush

1. Start With Their Hobbies

things To Talk About With Your Crush

A great way to get familiar with one another is by learning about hobbies and other interests you share in common. Maybe your crush is interested in sports, music, cooking, and other things that you also like! Eye opening experiences await you: a surprise party, concert, or intimate candlelit dinner

2. Talk about their life goals

A deep, touchy subject, this topic should come much later in your interaction with your crush, preferably after you’ve known them for a while. People love talking about their goals and so, this is one of the lists of Things To Talk About With Your Crush.

Taking the time to discuss long-term goals gives you and your crush an opportunity to compare and contrast just what they’re looking for in their lives. Maybe you can even follow their lead from there.

3. Talk about your favorite celebrity crush

This is a rather safe topic and one of the only safe topics to talk about when first getting to know someone. Discuss movies that were recently released and your favorite ones, as well as those actors who are in them. You will be able to tell quickly if they prefer romantic movies or action thrillers.

Perhaps you could invite them over for a weekend afternoon to have fun watching your favorite movie on a large display screen, or something along those lines!

4. Discuss your favorite book and author

If you both love to read, why not take him or her to a bookstore or library and spend some time there together? Let him know what side of the family he’s been hiding! What kind of books you like is just as much a clue as to who your crush REALLY is.

For example, someone with a penchant for Robin Cook has crazy sci-fi dreams and likes to think on their feet and make decisions easily without thinking too much about them. Danielle Steel’s book lovers have deep family ties and enjoy watching television in the evening, going home early, and spending time with their loved ones.

5. Discuss your mutual friends

Discussing common interests provides the perfect jumping-off point for a conversation with someone who you may not know very well. A great way to start a discussion is by talking about something in which you are mutually interested, but one that’s also non-intimidating.

6. Talk about your little secrets

things To Talk About With Your Crush

Sharing some naughty secrets with your partner will bring you closer. When you discuss with him something personal, naughty, and intriguing, he’ll not only feel that you trust in him but he may also want to be your confidant forever.

Sharing deep secrets opens the door even further for both of you to relate on a more intimate level and get closer than before.

7. Share both favorite travel destination

Ask your crush about the places he or she has traveled to and what was his or her favorite destination. This is a fun topic to focus on especially because chances are that you both have a similar stance on traveling.

You will find out how much your crush loves exploring the world, either in an extravagant manner, or as a budget traveler, preferring the beach over being in hilly regions, or how they love discovering wild animals up close.

8. Ask about her or his favorite hangout joint

Ask your crush about his or her favorite restaurants, cafes, etc., and try taking your crush out to his or her favorite place sometime soon.

You might be a huge burger-lover and your crush might love Chinese food! The more things you have in common with someone you like right off the bat, the stronger your bond will grow over time when you spend time together making new memories of just the two of you!

9. Discuss sports or politics

Before you go on a date with your crush, why not hire some kind of investigator to get the dirt (ahem, info!) on their favorite subject? For example, if someone likes football, it’s best to talk about sports with them. If they enjoy fishing or art, find out as much as possible and let the person know you care enough about them to discuss something so important to the extent that they might fall in love with you.

10. Express yourself and talk about your family

It’s so nice to hear about other people’s families, especially when you’re learning more about someone you find attractive. You two could talk for hours about your loved ones if you felt so inclined. That would be fun, and a few hours might pass by before you even noticed.

Later on, taking the conversation further via text (pictures included) is always welcomed!

11. Discuss your dreams

One of my favorite topics to discuss with my crush is my dreams. If you talk about your dreams, then there’s a good chance you can get an idea of what they want out of life, too! It’s always nice to get excited about the future together with each other if you both have those things in common.

Just remember that your next big talk can happen when both of you already have ample free time to shoot the breeze!

12. Talk about things that irritate you

This kind of topic can be discussed a little later on. Your crush will know you better as a person if you tell him how bad you feel for the lamb who was slaughtered for Easter dinner or the child who was left without his or her parents. It would add some depth to your persona and perhaps your crush will be really impressed by your interesting and sensitive thoughts. These are things to talk about with your crush over text or chat.

13. Ask about their proud moments

If your partner shares an experience when they felt proud of themselves, recognize that it’s a great opportunity to have someone so close to you open up and be so honest. If your partner is willing to talk about their happiest moments, it can indicate that he or she feels safe sharing things with you.

Show them that you’re interested in such talk and it’ll show them how much you care for him or her in the long run by divulging some of your own experiences that make you feel proud; one way might be sending old pictures back and forth over text. These memories will help keep you connected even when miles apart!

14. Help them with advice and personal opinions

If you’ve already had a lot of conversations with the person you like, maybe you could give them advice here or there. Without offending them, think about giving subtle suggestions to them and see if they decide to take it on board or not.

Giving small amounts of advice, perhaps regarding their style or even the way they carry themselves, can really be appreciated when you’re looking for them to notice your presence in their lives more than ever before!

15. Talk about the idea of a life partner

You could take the time to tell your crush about how you feel but remember that timing is critical in matters of the heart. No matter what, your crush will always be his or her own person and a relationship with anyone will have its challenges. You can express your interest as long as you keep it lighthearted; this way, whether they decide to make a change or not you’ll know they were honest with their feelings.


At the end of the day, things to talk about with your crush will not be easy, but if you start with a simple conversation and find what makes them interesting, things will go smoothly from there.

All you need to give it some time, be patient, share more, never lie and be interesting as possible. In just a few weeks of time, you will be romanticizing with your crush in real where no secrets or barriers between you two.

Just enjoy your journey of being a good person. Share your interesting questions to ask in the comment section below.